A day out with the kids at Diggerland, Devon

I am a city girl and proud of it. Consequently, when I first heard the term ‘JCB’ at secondary school from a boy in my class, who told me (amongst other tall stories) that his dad was a spy who had a JCB. Naturally, I thought a JCB was a secret communications radio (not really sure how I reached that conclusion). Fast-forward to 2004, when I heard Nislopi’s JCB Song, I had an epiphany; visions of my school friend rumbling in his JCB with his Dad sitting beside him, ran through my head and I felt, frankly, a little stupid.*

Diggerland first popped up on my radar in 2006,when my old boss took his son and absolutely raved about it. I got distinct JCB envy and at that moment, I promised myself that when I had kids I would take them there and revel in the glory of the huge machinery. Our weekend luxury glamping at glorious Midleydown made for the perfect opportunity. Diggerland is just a short twenty minute drive from the site and it was the best day out.

We had a great time digging holes..

A day out at Diggerland Devon by exploring exeter

Watching stunt shows..

Playing in the play area on the slides..

A day out at Diggerland Devon by exploring exeter

And riding on the cars on the race track..

A day out at Diggerland Devon by exploring exeter


There are over twenty rides and ride ons on site, there is lots to do all day, the queues (thankfully) were minimal AND it doesn’t get boring!

The rides: The Spindizzy (see video) made me feel pretty sick (the kids loved it of course). We had fabulous views on the Skyshuttle, and fun being driven around on the Groundshuttle, we all appreciated the Dig-a-round which is as it sounds, a round-about style ride made of diggers. They also have a train ride for the little ones.

The ride ons: There were dumper trucks, dirt diggers, go carts, giant diggers. You could even have a go driving a police car or a safari car.** 

The food: They have a dining hall selling bog standard burgers, wraps and chips with a bouncy castle and other kids entertainment to keep them busy while they are waiting.

Play areas: There is indoor softplay, plus a massive outdoor area with big slides, bumper cars and a play castle. 

A day out at Diggerland Devon by exploring exeter


Entry on the day >> Adults to age 65 & children 90cm or over £19.95, note that it’s cheaper to buy your tickets in advance online (£16.99). Children under 90cm go free.

Check the website for opening times.


*You will be glad to know that I made up for my ignorance of ‘people operated machinery’ later in life during one of many post-university temp jobs where I (after a debacle with my male boss about whether girls should be allowed to use machinery) acquired myself a forklift truck license and spent the summer moving pallets of mobile phones from trucks to shelves in a warehouse.

**height restrictions apply


I feel like I should leave you with the JCB Song.. it’s a gem..


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*Disclaimer: We were given free tickets to Diggerland in Exchange for some coverage on the blog, all opinions are mine, mine, mine!



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