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Want to do something for your community from the safety of your sofa?

Got a positive new story to share, local businesses to shine a light on or great tips for lockdown? 

We want to hear from you.

In these troubled times we want to use Exploring Exeter as a source of good and joy, so if you have something you’d like to write and get out to potentially 15,000 people local to the city, get involved!

Please fill in the form below to apply (read the guidelines below carefully)

As a guide, articles should be 600-1000 words

Including 3-6 clearly labelled, ideally landscape or square images (with credit where appropriate) 

and any links to businesses/resources you mention. 

Please include and pic and bio of the author.

*Please note that we will not publish blatant advertisements, we are looking for local people who want to generate some interesting and useful content for our community while supporting local businesses and charities. 

*We reserve the right not to publish articles that we don’t deem suitable or within the remit.

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