Review: The all new Junior Driving School at Crealy

Over the Easter holidays we were invited to Crealy to try out their new Junior Driving School ride. The kids were very excited, so we got there super-early and headed straight to the ride to avoid the queues. We picked a beautiful day for it!

We have been to Legoland Windsor a few times but Dude wasn’t old enough to try their driving school, so finding out there was one at Crealy was a bit of a treat. At a glance it seems like it is quite a similar idea; the instructors tell you how it works, and the kids then get to drive around like adults, staying on the left and breaking at the junctions.


We had a few teething problems (it was one of the first days of opening) but the staff handled it well and the area looks fab. The kids said it was like driving a real car!

There are around 15 cars so the queues aren’t too bad, there is information about road signs on the way in (like a walk through theory test) and the kids get a quick debrief before they start… Then they’re off! Essentially, the children got to drive around a giant playmat in child size Minis and they LOVED it!

I think the pièce de résistance for mine was receiving their very own driving licence at the end..


The instructors did point out that the ride is for children aged five to eleven – sadly, it isn’t a ride for adults (but you can get driven by your little one, if you dare).

It definitely got the thumbs up from us, although we did think that it would be fab to give the kids some real driving lessons (in preperation for driving us around when they are old enough obviously).

*Disclaimer: No one was run over in the making of this video….

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