My introduction to the Zone Face Lift and a new younger me (By Steph’s Mum, aged 70-something)

Did I tell you that my Mum has moved to Exeter?

I’m not sure if you remember my post last year about that inbetweeny phase Where I talked about the difficulties of being far away from family? Well, a little while after I posted it, my Mum and her partner Tim, took the leap and moved to Exeter. Since being here, he’s had a few health setbacks and Mum was in desperate need of some pampering. After seeing me come back from an afternoon with the miracle worker that is Leslie Tucker, she wanted to try The Zone Facelift out for herself, here’s her story in her own words…


My introduction to the (better than botox) Zone Face Lift and a new younger me (by Mum, aged 70-something)

When I heard about the Zone Face Lift after Stephanie’s visit and saw the results I was sold! ‘That’s exactly what I need’, I thought. She looked younger, healthier and seemed to glow and without any unnatural intervention (the Zone Face Lift is completely surgery free, despite the name!).

The holistic approach really appealed to me and having had foot reflexology before, I had high hopes. I embarked on a 12-week course with Lesley Tucker in Exeter. Lesley has a room at the Exeter Natural Health Centre, Queens Walk (between Street and Queen Street) – it’s a little off the beaten track – just go up the steps behind Boston Tea Party.

Lesley studied under award-winning facial reflexologist, Ziggie Bergman in London. Ziggie is the creator of The Zone Face Lift, a procedure that works on the reflex points on the face giving the same holistic benefits as foot reflexology, promoting the production of new skin tissue, improving skin tone and facial texture, smoothing and lifting the face to give a glowing complexion. It also appears to be beneficial in treating migraines, sinus problems, insomnia, stress and anxiety and, as someone who suffers from 4 out of the 5 of these, I can say that it has worked for me.

We thought it would be a great idea to keep a diary of my experience to measure the changes.

My week by week diary

Week 1

I went to visit Lesley feeling stressed and tired and came away feeling lighter and brighter and not a care in the world. I felt rejuvenated, happier and felt glowing. Lesley is very informative about the procedure, she gave me some special oil (an award-winning face and spirit lifting elixir created by Ziggie Bergman) to use night and morning (which is part of the regime). I am really excited about the treatment and very much looking forward to week two.

better than botox, zone facelift exeter, by exploring exeter

Week 2

My face is noticeably brighter and I am amazed at the change already, also the treatment has helped with stress and anxiety and relief in my painful stressed shoulder, there was also a marked improvement in my acid reflux. This week I was given a Jade Sculpting and Lifting Massager to use at home with the special oil. All in all, I am feeling really pleased with the treatment so far in every respect. Lesley gave me a sheet of yoga face exercises which help to relax your facial muscles and a sheet of stress-busting tips.

better than botox, zone facelift exeter, by exploring exeter

Week 3

I had another relaxing session, so relaxing in fact that I fell asleep! Wish I could have stayed awake to tell you more of what was done.  When the session was over, I felt totally rejuvenated and the stress in my shoulders has disappeared. I didn’t tell Lesley about the tension in my shoulders but she identified the area in my face and worked on it – absolutely amazing. I have a little sheet this week with homework to use my tool on the area under the eye and also exercise to smooth brows.

Week 4

This session I had a facial and while the facemask was drying, I had reflexology on my feet that identified problems with my back and knees. This was spot on – especially the knees – as I had just started my Couch to 5k course and my knees were giving me particular gip. I tried very hard to stay awake for the following Zone Facelift but failed miserably. I woke at the end feeling totally calm and relaxed with a tingling sensation. I know this seems to happen after every session but there truly appears to be a build up which lasts longer each time (as does the difference to my face). Within a couple of days, two people said I was looking younger (despite being unaware of my Zone Facelift treatments). I have to say I was surprised when I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw a rejuvenated me. For homework, Lesley added a scissoring action to use on my forehead.

Week 5

Another very pleasant visit, leaving me feeling relaxed and tingly. The treatment seems to be accumulative from both a facial and stress point of view. I have to say Lesley’s tips on stress-busting over the weeks have really made a difference.

Week 6

I am feeling even more relaxed and glowing. We compared the pictures of when I started the treatment and now and you can see a difference There is a definite improvement in forehead and chin but what you can’t see in the photos is the youthful glow that has been building up and, although at 70 I don’t expect to look 50, there is something about my face which definitely makes me look younger than when I started.

better than botox, zone facelift exeter, by exploring exeterbetter than botox, zone facelift exeter, by exploring exeter

At the halfway point! 

After 6 weeks I am relaxed and glowing facially, I can see a reduction in lines and I have noticed a real improvement in my acid reflux and sinuses (which had been very problematical).


Week 7

A cold day to venture forth for my treatment but the treatment room is lovely and warm and cosy – so relaxing. Had the usual treatment and slept through it. I’d forgotten all about the chilly old day when I left and was feeling mellow as usual. I was sceptical about how reflexology works but it certainly does. Lesley gave me a sheet on nutrition this week which is very helpful. I also noticed that my sinuses hadn’t been hurting for some time (they were always painful before).

Week 8

Arrived determined to stay awake this week, and thought I’d managed it ‘til I realised I’d come round. It definitely felt like a meditative state rather than sleep this time. So relaxing and stress relieving as usual. Lesley used a new tool and I enjoyed the experience, We agreed my face felt firmer than usual this week and a friend I haven’t seen for a long time commented in the difference. Lesley also gave me a sheet on energy-boosting tips which were good, apart from smoothies and snacks, the decluttering hint was interesting as was valeting the car. I think I’ll give that a miss though and let my other half carry on with that.  

Week 9

A cold old day for venturing forth but I was soon comfortably ensconced on Lesley’s heated bed ready for my treatment. Another relaxing treatment and I was feeling and looking really good. I made a trip to London to visit the family loaded with Christmas presents. My 17-year-old nephew commented to his Mum how good I was looking. It’s no mean feat for a 17-year-old to even notice his old auntie. But the feeling was unanimous, I looked younger and healthier. It was this week I also noticed the condition of my hair was really good and I was doing nothing different – may be coincidence but…..

Weeks 10

Feeling very tired as not sleeping well and I was more than ready to lay down on a warm bed and have my treatment. Unsurprisingly I fell asleep in no time and could have stayed there a lot longer.  The treatment went well as usual and a new person rose from the table. Lesley gave me a sheet on tips to help with sleeping which is really useful

Week 11

I collected my new (well new to me) volcanic orange Mini today and watched my grandson in his nativity play – a joy for every grandparent. These events took the edge off the fact that it had been raining all day! When I arrived for my treatment I was feeling very chilled and damp. These feelings soon disappeared when Lesley worked her magic. By the time she’d finished, my face looked better and I felt that usual warm mellow feeling. I was also able to report that the sleeping hints proved very useful and my sleep had improved greatly. Finally, as a bonus, Lesley gave me a lavender filled ‘pillow’ for my eyes which I will put to good use.

Week 12

Well, having had a break for Christmas and New Year I am definitely ready for my treatment. I tried to be good over the Christmas period but I’m only human. Lesley was as welcoming as usual and I had a lovely treatment and I was pleased to say that we agreed my skin was looking good despite any Christmas excesses. I was sad that this was my last treatment but really pleased that I had completed the 12 weeks to see the wonderful results

Before and after…

better than botox, zone facelift exeter, by exploring exeterbetter than botox, zone facelift exeter, by exploring exeter


I’m more relaxed and glowing facially, not to mention a reduction in lines and people who haven’t seen me for some time say I do look younger. This combined with a real improvement in my acid reflux and sinuses problems is wonderful for me.

Another bonus was Lesley giving me some samples from Neal’s Yard –Rejuvenating Frankincense refining cleanser, facial oil and facial serum together with Frankincense intense cream. I tried them all and they were really good. I especially liked the serum and cream. Using the serum followed by the cream my skin was left feeling tighter and fuller and seemed brighter with a more youthful appearance. The cleanser was lovely and creamy and left my skin feeling soft and warm. I already use a serum and cream but these really gave a much better result and I will be buying them in the future.

As for the cost of the treatment, the overall feeling of wellbeing from the reflexology together with the improvement facially made it well worth it for me especially if you take off the cost of the oil and tool.

Recommended: If you want to give it a try you can have a 60-minute session at a reduced price of £45 (this is a special offer until the end of February).

better than botox, zone facelift exeter, by exploring exeterbetter than botox, zone facelift exeter, by exploring exeter

One-off Zone Face Lift treatments are £75 for 75 minutes and include a facial using Neals Yard products.  In addition whilst the face mask is working it’s magic Lesley does a quick session on the feet – so it really is a head to toe treatment.  

When signing up to the 12-week programme, the cost works out at £60 for each of the 12 weekly one hour sessions.  Included in the price is a bottle of elixir and a jade guasha tool, rrp £110. While it may seem pricey, it is certainly comparable with fillers and botox. of course you get the added bonus with ZFL, of a wonderful treatment each week which also promotes wellbeing and relaxation.

It can also have a beneficial effect on your health as well as your skin, as reflexology is great for digestive disorders, anxiety and hormonal imbalances to name a few. The treatment was recently reviewed by Janey Lee Grace in the Evening standard, details are on the Zone Face Lift website or facebook page.

60 minutes zone facelift treatment £45
(Limited to one per person, can be purchased as a gift voucher)
75 minutes foot and facial reflexology – £40
Book 4 foot / facial reflexology sessions or £120
Until 28th Feb 2019
She also offers 20% off the first full-priced zone lift treatment.
To book either call 07831 456837 or email
About the Author: Mum Darkes (AKA Jean)
Mum was born and raised in South East London where she went to Grammar school and went on to become the Financial Director of Hallmark Kitchens. She is a big fan of live music, aqua aerobics and swimming, she finds yoga a bit boring and can often be found sleeping through the relaxation session at the end.
Mum has two children (me and my big brother Stewart) and three grandchildren. She loves Exeter and thinks that it’s a very friendly place to be.
*Disclaimer: Mum received 50% off her zone facelift treatment in exchange for coverage. All feedback is her honest opinion.

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