Fingle Bridge & Fingle Woods, Dartmoor 

“How clear the rushing waters gliding beneath the three gray arches! how rich in colouring have the lichens and ferns rendered its hoary walls! and, whether we look up-stream to the hills, softly meeting one another with foliage changing from bright green in the foreground to misty blue in the distance, or downward to where the old mill with its moss-grown water-wheel, nestles beneath the woods.. we shall confess that a scene of greater beauty it has never been our lot to view”. (John Lloyd Warden Page, 1893)

JL Warden Page was pretty excited about the beauty of Fingle Bridge, and after our visit there at the weekend we completely understand why. 

It is stunning. 

If you are looking for a day out on Dartmoor, where you can relax, have a paddle and a picnic, walk the kids and the dog through the woods AND visit some interesting historical buildings, look no further than beautiful Fingle Bridge. 

Straddling the River Teign since the 17th Century, the stone arch bridge is set in the beautiful ancient woodlands of Fingle Woods.  The site is owned by The National Trust and Woodland Trust who bought it in 2013 to restore it for the benefit of wildlife and public access. 

The woodland is so untouched, and the trees so tall that you could be on the set of Walking with Dinosaurs. We all sat on a log and imagined a diplodocus making it’s way through the wood to drink.

In season the river is home to brown trout, salmon and sea trout. However, fishing permits are restricted so do contact these guys, don’t just rock up with your fishing gear (you’ll probably get into a lot of trouble).

If you want to adventure further you can stroll up to National Trust’s Castle Drogo or along to lovely Whiddon Deer Park from Fingle Bridge.

Wooston Castle Iron Age hill-fort, is located at the top of Fingle Woods and has amazing views. To get there follow the white sign posts to the hill fort from Fingle Bridge.

There’s also a lovely Fingle Bridge Walk here

Or just sit and take in the view, have a drink, sample the food or a cream tea at Fingle Bridge Inn.

Getting there is easy, just head to Drewsteignton and then follow the signs marked Fingle Bridge all the way, there is lots of parking over the packhorse bridge which is free. 

TIP: I am told that Fingle Bridge gets very busy in the summer and that a good time to visit is in mid September at the end of the season, We popped along in June and it wasn’t too busy.

Have you been? We’d love to hear about your adventure.

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