Yoga in the garden, family yoga and a one to one with Wendy Reynolds

I am a yogi, have been for knocking on sixteen years. I love it, like water and family it is one of the things in life that I definitely couldn’t live without.

In yoga it is very important to try new practices and new teachers. I feel very lucky that one of my local school Mums runs a class in her garden (in the converted garage, it is a bit cold now after all).


Wendy Reynolds has been training to be a Yoga teacher at Devon School of yoga in Exeter and is coming to the end of her course. As part of her teacher training, she has to have some practical teaching experience so she took a leap of faith and set up a yoga studio in her garden.

I have been going regularly for around ten months now and I really enjoy her style, you can make the class as challenging as you’d like it to be and I always come away having learnt something new.


I asked Wendy a few quick fire questions about her classes:

  • What style of Yoga do you teach? A mix of traditional hatha, vinyasa flow, and various other yoga flavours.
  • Who is your Yoga hero? I don’t really have a hero. I draw inspiration from all my teachers at Devon School of Yoga and I do love Shiva Rae.
  • What do you want your students to experience in your classes? I hope my students leave feeling a sense of body awareness and stillness especially as most are busy parents. I like to know they have worked physically but are able to accept their limitations. It’s all about letting go!
  • What does Yoga mean to you? I’ve just written a very long essay on that! In a nutshell yoga is that connection with me, my mind, my body and the universe. It’s about learning who I am, and the bendiness and strength is a happy by product! 

Currently there are three yoga classes that you can book into during the week that are suitable for all levels. They are on Tuesday 1.10pm -2.30pm, Wednesday and Thursday 7.30pm – 9pm.


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Wendy also runs classes for families which are really lovely, I have been to two now with both my children and it is a great opportunity to bond and have fun, the sessions are very laid back and you come away feeling like you’ve had a work out.


To learn more or book in check out Wendy’s Facebook page Yoga in the garden or email her at The classes are only £5 drop in or there are loyalty cards available. Booking is essential.



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