What I had initially planned to be a creative online project on social media to cheer people up in lockdown has grown into  a rather beautiful beast.

It would not have been possible without the help and support of the people and businesses that saw the importance and value of sharing these inspiring stories, and therefore contributed their time and expertise to be a part of it.

Everybody who shared their stories; it was very humbling for me to be let into your world. Your stories shine a light on how COVID has affected people across the city. You are all Heroes!

Princesshay, Exeter

Hannah and the team at Princesshay Exeter , The Crown Estate, and Nuveen Real Estate for supporting and funding the JD Sports shop front wraparound in Exeter City Centre – Thank you for the opportunity and for believing in the project.

Roselands Design

My fellow ‘Sauf Laundon’ girl, Sarah Reis at Roselands Design  who has worked on all the images, the graphics, and the book layout, helping to turn the vision into reality (and keeping me sane!)


My good friend Andy at Dreamabstract who has worked with me on my sites since the very beginning of my career (before social media existed!!) and has turned around another fabulous web design with expert speed to meet my ridiculously tight deadlines.

Art Work Exeter

Stuart Crewes from Art Work Exeter whose garden chats and expert advice on who to talk to, and how to get the exhibition up, has been invaluable.

Libraries unlimited

Callum and co at Libraries unlimited have given us free rein of the windows at Exeter Library and are supporting us to put on a closing event. Not forgetting Emily who initially agreed the idea while she was library manager!

Gane Trust

Gane Trust for supporting me by funding print costs for the exhibition.

McQueenie Mulholland

Lovely Sue at McQueenie Mulholland for expert advice and PR support.

Bluebird Care

Will at Bluebird Care for helping us make the book a reality and for supporting me to work on other projects as a part-time member of his team.

Exeter City of Literature

Belinda at Exeter City of Literature for believing in the project and for allowing me to share my book under the UNESCO umbrella.

deLush Makeover Studio

Gorgeous Liz at deLush Makeover Studio whose friendship means the world to me, and who gives me both editorial clarity and mindset coaching to help me make things happen!

Paul at Tempo Media for checking my images and reassuring me!

Marcus at Fab Lab Devon for the best priced prints ever.

And of course, Massimo, Francesco, and Maya for being my biggest fans.