Walking for Health and Happiness by Boudicca Maloney

Now that my children are back at school and the weather has improved, I’ve taken the decision to get out of the house each day for a walk. I have osteoarthritis in my knees and advice from my doctor is to get them moving regularly. However, not only is walking good for physical health but many studies show that walking can help with our mental health too. From reducing negative moods to boosting self-esteem, a good walk can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. I have found that I do like a focus or a route to follow, so I had a search for different options locally and came up with these to start the week off.      


I took part in a Wellbeing Walk with Maresa, the Wellbeing Exeter Community Physical Activity Organiser for Alphington and St Thomas. Starting from The Twisted Oak in Ide, we had beautiful weather and great company as we took a circular walk suitable for all abilities. This time we gathered some wild garlic which was abundant in the banks along our walk. We finished with a drink and a chat at the pub.  We have decided to make it a regular weekly walk, so will be doing the same walk next week Monday at 11.30am. Currently limited to five spaces, so all places do need to be booked in advance. Find more details on the Facebook Page here.

More about Exeter City Community Trust as part of Wellbeing Exeter and Live & Move. Exeter CITY Community Trust are Exeter’s leading health and wellbeing charity, read more about them here.


Today’s walk was enhanced by a free audio tour from Theatre Alibi. The audio tour builds on their St Thomas Exhibition held in Emmanuel Hall and also the ‘St Thomas Story Tours’ from September 2020; where over 200 people followed a gentle guided walk around St Thomas in small group. 

The audio tour made for a lovely stroll around my neighbourhood whilst being immersed in stories and tales. In many cases you hear the voices of the people from St Thomas, who are sharing their memories first-hand. There are photographs, a map to guide you on your way, as well as beautiful original music by acclaimed folk musician Hannah Martin. An absolutely delightful way to spend an hour.

You don’t need to be in St Thomas to enjoy the rich history, just pop your headphones on and you can explore the app in your own time.

Details about how to access the audio tour are on the Theatre Alibi website: https://theatrealibi.co.uk/st-thomas-stories-audio-walk/

Read more about Theatre Alibi here.

Theatre Alibi are contemporary storytellers, creating work for all ages that moves freely between the intimate and the epic and aspires to be inventive, joyful, moving, vivid, intricate and ambitious. The company integrates a wide variety of art forms into its work and recent productions have featured animation, film, puppetry, photography and music both live and recorded.

My future plans include completing the Green Circle and joining in with the Inclusive Exeter Park Walks.

Do you have a favourite Exeter walk? Let us know! 


About the author: Boudicca Woodland

Boudicca moved to Exeter in 2007 from London with her partner (now husband) after making a list of requirements – a theatre, a cinema, decent Sunday lunch pubs, excellent coffee shops, and access to good food. Exeter has not let her down in the slightest and in fact has encouraged her to explore lots of different food events and also locally sourced, seasonal, food more than ever before. 

Summer Holiday Staycation - a week of activities with kids in Exeter by boudicca woodland, Exploring Exeter 2019

Originally from an arts administration background, Boudicca now runs One Mile Bakery Exeter from her St Thomas home where she bakes bread for subscribers and hosts baking classes. 

She has two children who have given themselves the demanding role of Chief Tasters for the bakery!


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