The greatest show! ‘Circus funtasia’ review, by Lene Langley

We’d never been to a circus before so I was quite excited to try Circus Funtasia. Of course, we’d all watched The greatest showman, meaning my 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son very interested in the prospect of going to a circus too. I have to say, I was a little apprehensive to take my 10-month-old baby, but we often take him to the cinema/shows and hope for the best in an attempt to continue to do the family things we did before he came along. 

The greatest show! 'Circus funtasia' review, by Lene Langley, exploring exeter

We arrived very flustered as we were running late (of course), due to a road closure and the sat nav taking us round in circles, to the point that I wanted to throw that thing out of the window!… However, we made it, sat nav intact and we instantly forgot about that when we stepped inside the magnificent circus tent.

It was everything I hoped it to be and more. Colourful, mysterious, and awe-inspiring.

As soon as the show started we were all gripped and taken into this breathtaking world of colour, fire, smoke, and passion. Our baby was no exception. He was mesmerised by the whole show. I was surprised I didn’t need to take him out to settle, as I would usually need to do but he was entertained, which made it even more fun for Mum & Dad. Speaking of which, there was plenty there to keep the adult’s attention! Enough to keep smiles on our faces for the rest of the day – if you know what I mean. 

The greatest show! 'Circus funtasia' review, by Lene Langley, exploring exeter

The music they used for the acts were absolutely perfect for giving you the hair-raising moments, hooking on those emotions which added to the magic. I could see tears in the eyes of my 8-year-old son when a certain song came on, he was in his element. 

Tracy was the glamorous ring mistress who leads the show and there was Emil, the cheeky chappy circus geek who kept the audience entertained in between acts. He was hilarious and his humour reached all levels of age. 

The acts themselves included the frightening wheel of death with the Duo Sifolinis, who perform terrifying dangerous acrobatics on high moving wheels. There were awesome globe riders, who are thrill-seeking motorbike riders within a caged globe. Attila Fabian, a Hungarian builder/decorator with muscles who showcases his strength in an elegant and talented way using props and sublime control…did I mention he has muscles?! The entertaining and glamorous dancing and hula hoop act by the stunning Elodie was incredible.

Lucy Louise, the beautiful fearless aerial artist and dancer performing trapeze skills, drop, holds and rebound lifts was out of this world. The awesome fire-breathing Antonio Candela left everyone at the edge of their seats and fire illuminated the faces of awe and amazement around him. The elegant, graceful aerial gymnastics by the gorgeous Felicia was awe-inspiring and made my 6-year-old daughter wanted to run away with the circus just to be like her! Last but not least there was a fun stylish modern take on Harley Quinn, who mesmerised the audience with her superhuman speed and juggling skills. All packed together in a 1 hr 45-minute show! Which, just went far too fast and we left wanting to go back and watch it all again! 

The greatest show! 'Circus funtasia' review, by Lene Langley, exploring exeter

There was a 15-minute interval where they offer food, snacks and drinks. During this time the kids can also go into the Centre stage and get their face painted or photos taken. My daughter loves having her face painted so she was very happy with her glittery unicorn face paint! They enjoyed slushies, candy floss and popcorn for the remainder of the show.

Circus Funtasia was magical, enchanting, hair raising and gripping. It really was THE greatest show. So many emotions all in one sitting and I definitely recommend this show for all ages!

We will definitely go again when it next comes to Devon! Tickets are affordable but sell quickly so early booking is often required. 

About the author:

Lene Langley has been exploring Exeter and Devon since she moved here in 2015 with her husband and 2 (now 3) children. She previously lived in Derbyshire and worked as a general nurse and midwife. She always had an interest in photography and cinematography and loves to make short films of her travels with her family around the UK & Europe and has began working on her next project ‘Moments to Movies’ creating short films for other people who also wish to document their travels, weddings and other experiences on film as well as videography for other small businesses.

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