Mum dating at the pop up play cafe in Topsham.

When we knew we were moving to Exeter, I did what a lot of other people do and took to Facebook to find like minded people in the city to befriend – no one likes to be lonely. Here I discovered the Holy Grail of Facebook groups for Mums in Exeter, cunningly named Mums in Exeter.  I think the whole Facebook and meeting people warrants its own blog, so I’m not going to talk too much about it here.  From this group I went on some Mum dates – this also deserves it’s own blog – and met some lovely friends.

On Thursday I met up with a fellow Mum that I met on Facebook at  the Pop up play cafe on the Topsham Road.

Set in a Rugby club, the play cafe takes up one room.  Two thirds of the room is full of the toys and soft matting you can see in the main picture – plenty to keep the little ones busy.  There is also plenty of seating around the outside of the room to gather and chat and drink coffee with your friends.

img_0862Exeter is lacking in Soft Play places as I mentioned in my previous blog, but this one is a little gem.  It is strictly for the under fives, so it’s perfect for when I have a day on my own with my 3.5 year old girly.

You are not allowed to bring your own food in, but the food on offer is reasonably priced and healthy.  With the exception of this little number that my friend ordered (thanks Vicky for letting me photograph your food and drink – you must have thought I was really weird!)


Luxury Hot Chocolate indeed!

The menu has a great selection of healthy food for the children including spag bowl and picnic selections.  There is also plenty of cake for us parents and decent coffee with skinny milk (this is a deal breaker for me). The staff are also helpful and very lovely which just adds to the great experience.


Children’s picnic selection.

Things you need to know:

  • As I said, it is for under 5s only
  • It costs £3 per child to play, babies are free.
  • It is open from 9.30-3 Monday – Friday
  • There is parking and it’s FREE!
  • Their website is under construction but you can find them on Facebook here
  • Address: The Bonfire Field, Topsham Rugby Club, Exeter Road, Topsham, EX3 0LY.  I also found this handy map on their Facebook page

If you’re into soft play but have slightly older children, this blog about Ocean Exmouth may help.

Have you found any soft play gems you’d like to share with us? Please comment below!

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