Exeter lockdown doorstep Photography #4: Rosa and Jake, Ide

“Within Ide village, as soon as it became apparent that the Coronavirus was going to affect us all, the ‘Ide Angels’ formed to help anyone who needed support, food or just someone to talk to. Many volunteered to help each other out and get through this difficult time.”

Rosa has used lockdown to finish her garden. She says the worst thing about lockdown for her has been “Seeing all the dedication and amazing work of NHS and private sector healthcare workers be undermined by those who flout the lockdown rules and do not listen to guidelines.”

After lockdown, Rosa suggests that we can make our city’s future brighter by focusing on green space and cycle routes..

“It has been wonderful seeing more people and families spending time outdoors together. It would be great to see this continue and encouraged with improving and protecting our local green spaces and also the potential for more cycle routes for commuters to use instead of cars.”

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