Exeter Lockdown Doorstep Photography #3: Amelie, Paul, Darcie & Zenon Foster

“During lockdown we have learnt that the world is fragile. Mummy can homeschool and daddy can’t. Mummy is a better cook than Daddy, and schools should always have smaller classes and more relaxed learning.”

If you’re a Mum and you’ve asked for help in Exeter the chances are you’ve met my lovely friend Amelie. Amelie is the first friend I made in Exeter, we met online and she took me under her wing when we moved here, we’ve been firm friends ever since. Amelie and her family live in St Thomas.

When I asked Amelie about how we can make our city’s future brighter she said:

“We should continue with community support to vulnerable people and recognise potential to improve people’s lives with kindness.”

Here, here sweetheart ❤️🙏

*thanks for the photography tips Paul!

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