Exeter Lockdown Doorstep Photography #2: Martyn Goss & Tiller

“The last three months have seen us using our road space in so many healthier and more sustainable ways. History routes, quizzes, community walks, nature trails, planting flowers and shrubs, spontaneous street furniture, pop up bike lanes, potted plants and trees – all these, and more, have pointed a way to transforming our road space into something which provides us with safer homes, cleaner environments and active communities.“

If you live in Pinhoe and have sort help during lockdown, the chances are that Martyn may have helped you as part of Pinhoe Community Support.

“Working with local people to assist each other has enabled us to feel needed and made us more mobile with running errands, organising support, encouraging appropriate community activities.”

Martyn and his wife Pili are staying in complete lockdown as the restrictions are eased, while they await the birth of their new grandchild.

Reflecting on his time so far Martyn says: “I’ve really appreciated the lack of traffic, better air quality, less noise but overall, the best thing has been more space to reconnect with people and with nature. Reconnecting with the local community, reconnecting with my garden, reconnecting with deeper values and, ironically, reconnecting with hope. Without romanticising, what has been an immense and painful tragedy for so many, the pandemic has offered us an opportunity to sit back from our usually pressurised, unhealthy and destructive lifestyles and experience a different world. In being isolated we’ve had a chance to reflect on what we really hope for in life.. The result has been re-discovering a trusting community and support for one another, though I realise that not everyone is living in a generally comfortable and environmentally beautiful place as Exeter.”

What has your lockdown experience been like?

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