Exeter Lockdown Doorstep Photography #19: Daisy

“I’m the trustee for a couple of local charities and have never worked harder than during this pandemic. Making sure the charities will still be there when we are able to work again has taken a lot of time and effort. I’m adding Trustees to the list of key workers who we clap for!”

“We are both at work full time but my husband is the only one who’s achieved that, mainly in his shed! I’m lucky that the work I do can be done by email and phone from home and I have been able to fit it around looking after the kids during the day. As I work in a school, I’m now happy to say we’re on holiday together.”

The best thing about lockdown for Daisy and her family has been “not having to get places on time. The kids and I are very slow in the mornings and it’s been great to go at our own pace. Spending time with them has of course been lovely. It took us a few weeks to find our feet and now we’re in a calm groove.”

The worst thing has been “seeing plans on the calendar go by without happening. Our parents not getting to be with their grandchildren. I have had a couple of sad moments of not being around friends and family, but on the whole we’re pretty even tempered around here so we’ve been ok.”

Daisy says that after lockdown the family will make sure they carry on spending time in their local park: “We’ve spent hours there playing football, my son learnt to ride his bike, we’ve explored yet more corners of Ludwell we hadn’t seen before.“

Daisy has been helping her local community in lockdown: “I joined the local volunteers list, I’ve delivered shopping and prescriptions. The nice thing is that the first few I was asked about actually had friends or neighbours do it for them so they didn’t need me. I’ve chatted to the people I’ve helped and found some very interesting people in my neighbourhood!”

“As a household, we’ve learnt patience and kindness, to hug first and talk later. Keeping us all on an even keel has been the priority.”

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