Exeter Lockdown Doorstep Photography #18: Chris, Sasha & family

“We decided to learn to play the piano during the lockdown. It’s been a nice distraction, especially for our 6 year old boy.”

Chris and Sasha have a food business called Caribbean 868 that they had just started before lockdown. Chris also works full time but was furloughed during lockdown.

The best thing about lockdown for the family was “the additional bonding we got as a family with no stress of work, getting ready for school and no need to watch the clock for any particular reason to be anywhere.”

“The worst part of lockdown was probably having to be constantly cleaning whenever we did food shopping.“

One habit the family will definitely continue is “praying together as a family. Taking those few minutes each day to just pause and give God thanks for the simple blessings we may so often take for granted such as being healthy and having all of our basic needs provided for.”

As a family they have learnt to “communicate a lot more clearly and effectively with one another. Prior to lockdown, life was quite fast paced for us, and communication did lack a bit. Being together 24/7 has taught us to slow down, understand and communicate better with each other.”

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