Exeter Lockdown Doorstep Photography #17: Boudicca, Joe, Alfred and Seren

“I’ve lived with anxiety and depression throughout my life and I found that in lockdown my usual ‘lifelines’ were no longer available to me – no theatre shows, no live music, no dancing late nights away, no having a good old moan to friends over a meal and wine, no swimming, no spa days… Even the home-based things like long, hot baths or reading a good book have been difficult with the kids around 24/7. I’ve had to rethink all of my positive actions for when I’m feeling my “darkness” descend into things that I could do in lockdown with the whole family around!”

Boudicca works part-time at Age UK Exeter and runs her micro bakery business One Mile Bakery Exeter from her home. During lockdown, the family have been busy tie-dyeing t-shirts, baking, crafting, nature watching, planting fruit and creating art.

They have enjoyed not having to worry about bedtimes and getting up so much – “we’ve spent evenings in the garden watching swifts swooping low and we also woke up very early for an early morning sunrise walk on the summer solstice.“

The worst thing has been “coping with the endless juggling of One Mile Bakery Exeter and Joe’s work in his studio Joe – Ink Art with 24/7 family-life. Engaging the children in any work suggestions provided by the school has also been tough.”

Alfred hasn’t enjoyed “having to do school work at home” and Seren has disliked “not seeing or hugging my friends”

As a household, the family have learnt that “spending time together in nature can be fun, we now have a whole new perspective of our local area. The green circle walk has been a wonderful resource and although we’d done the walk previously it was great to be able to really spend time in those spaces.”

During the lockdown, the family are thankful for “The lockdown library on Wardrew Road. Cubs, Rainbow and Anthos Arts have been outstanding in the circumstances.”

“The reduced traffic on our streets was lovely and I think that improved public transport and cycle lanes would be a great improvement to Exeter.

We’ve really enjoyed our time using Exeter’s green spaces but have not liked the amount of rubbish we also discovered. After lockdown, We’d love to get involved as a family in helping to maintain those spaces somehow.”

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