Exeter Lockdown Doorstep Photography #16: Fatma, Anthony, Sophie and Noah

“Having one key worker in the family seemed a great honour and we’re happy to have been making it work juggling two full-time jobs and two primary school-aged children at home.”

Fatma runs a farm school and is working on her PhD.

“During lockdown, we have enjoyed time together as a family with minimal distractions. We’ve been missing our friends and worrying about our families.”

I asked Fatma what they have learnt as a household:

“To cherish our small house more and make the best of public parks and the outdoors.

We also don’t seem to need any extra curricular activities, we don’t miss any!”

“We love having been able to see more of our neighbours and getting to know them better.

After lockdown, Fatma would like to see “a transition to a completely car-free city centre. And more money spent in local shops and small businesses.”

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