Exeter Lockdown Doorstep Photography #15: Maresa and Tala

“It’s been hard working from home at the same time as doing homeschooling, housework, gardening, exercise, etc. And the house being a complete mess all the time!”

Maresa and Tala have been taking lots of walks during lockdown; “we are far less likely to go into Exeter at the weekend now as it is much nicer being out of the city… we are pretty happy being alone and just being together all the time. I used to feel lonely before because as a single parent I don’t actually get to go out very often or we don’t see many other people. But I realise now that I was suffering from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out!) and actually I don’t mind not going out as long as no one else is either!…”

Maresa is passionate about healthy food and sustainability. She coordinates Better Health Exeter which aims to support local people to better manage their health conditions. During lockdown, she has been making cakes for the homeless as part of St Thomas Food Fight.

When this is over Maresa would like to see “Fewer cars on the road, staying closer to home, and shopping locally and supporting small businesses.”

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