Exeter Lockdown Doorstep Photography #14: Dan, Jo, Matty and Taylor

“My neighbour has a baby and toddler with her husband still working. I’ve spent many hours doing her gardening and even discovered a path she didn’t know she had.”

Jo had been furloughed from Sands, the stillbirth & neonatal death charity and Dan is a self-employed driving instructor at Isca Driving School who hasn’t been able to work.

Jo was ill with COVID-19 for two weeks, she said: “It really is a horrible illness which left me so weak. The neighbours have helped with shopping and dog walking whilst we were in self-isolation.”

“The best thing about lockdown is being able to slow down and have lots of family time, the worst was when Matty was with his dad and we didn’t see him for 20 days.”

Jo is also a cub leader who has kept her pack together using Zoom: “I’ve been running meetings online and virtual camps at home. I’ve had amazing feedback from the parents saying how grateful they are as many are getting more interaction through this than elsewhere.”

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