Exeter Lockdown Doorstep Photography #13: Helen, Harry and Bonnie the puppy

“The best thing about lockdown has been the gift of time. I went back to work when both my children were babies. Life is busy with the children attending two different schools. Just having the time to spend with them, laugh with them, learn with them and chat with them has been incredible.”

“The worst part of lockdown has been missing my close friends and family. My parents starting isolating before Lockdown so I really miss seeing them regularly and the kids miss their grandparents.”

Helen and her family have have received support from the local community through a group set up by a local parent to help support home schooling and share ideas.

When I asked her about acts of kindness she told me: “I have received so many lovely things in the post from friends. Handmade gifts, flowers, favourite foods and cards with beautiful words. I have paid forward this kindness by sending things to my friends.”

When all this is over Helen hopes “that we have all learnt to enjoy a slower pace of life and an appreciation for being at home. I would also hope that people have learnt ways of having fun, learning and exercising in a whole new way – a walk in a field can be just as wonderful as a trip to a theme park. So much more beauty to see. I fear that there will be people who don’t learn anything from this slower pace of life and kindness on our planet and will abuse it more when they get it back again 😢”

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