Exeter Lockdown Doorstep Photography #12: ‘The neighbours edition’ (Left to right) Karen and her son Ryan, Tyler, Steve and Tyler’s mum Natasha

“I’m not sure I would have got through this without my neighbours. We’ve all become really close. I’ve had real problems coping with the restrictions placed on us but we have helped each other out during this strange time. We got to know each other, thanked each other, and partied with each other.” (Steve)

Natasha agrees with Steve: “I have been extremely lucky to have great neighbours, one got me the stuff to decorate my son’s room.. I feel very grateful for them at this time, I havent been so lucky with neighbours in past”

During lockdown, Steve told me that it helped him to stop watching the TV endlessly and to speak to people: “Before lockdown, when we could go out, I shut myself in the house. When we had to shut ourselves in, I wanted out so I spent all my time in the garden talking to the neighbours.”

Natasha has also enjoyed quality time with her family, even discovering that they are very messy!

When all this is over Steve would like to see fewer cars on the road. “It’s been far more peaceful in the city and I’d like to see it stay that way. Close roads, get on your bikes, walk, run. Use public transport if you must but stop using your car needlessly.”

Natasha hopes we will “Be nicer to each other, and appreciate what we have”

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