Exeter Lockdown Doorstep Photography # 11: Cleo, kick-ass Queen & graffiti Goddess.

“We can make a difference to our communities through small collective acts of kindness.”

Cleo is known for her graffiti art throughout Exeter. The best thing about lockdown for her was the opportunity to stop everything and focus on her Art Therapy MA dissertation without any distractions, the worst, was not having her son at home.

I asked Cleo what they have learnt as a household, she told me; “my family are an amazing team and my amazing children are very incredible humans.”

“My highlight has been making butterflies with my 3-year-old fairy goddaughter Aimée via Zoom, and her sending me a parcel of love through the posts that included her beautiful paintings”

Cleo also sings the praise of Exeter’s independent businesses: “The local and mostly independent businesses that have kept going above and beyond, have enabled us to function and provide activities and entertainment. – They have been the life blood of communities.”

Lockdown has shown that “Businesses and how they are run CAN change and adapt, and be run more sustainably.”

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