A spooky Halloween at Crealy for the #DevonBloggersSquad

Amelie and her family went to Crealy over half term for some spooky Halloween fun, here’s how she got on..

My first trip to Crealy was back in 1989. I was one of the privileged few who got to go on the opening day (being the stepdaughter of the chief photographer at the Express and Echo had it’s perks). The then ten year old me even got my mug in the paper cuddling two adorable baby goats.

Back then, Crealy was a farm attraction with a petting area and soft play. The most exciting thing on offer was the death slide (which back in 1989 was pretty impressive). Fast forward 28 years… yes 28 years! – I’m not entirely sure where that has that gone. Crealy now boasts over 60 rides and is a go-to attraction for kids young and old, locals and visitors to our gorgeous county.

Halfway through half term, myself, the hubby and our very, very excited eight year old and four year old hit Crealy for the day. We arrived in our best Halloween clobber. Over the years I have developed face painting skills. Mostly to save myself a pretty penny (and actually I’m pretty damn good at it). Plus it would be rude not to make some sort of effort, when Crealy do Halloween so fantastically.

A spooky Halloween at Crealy for the #DevonBloggersSquad exploring exeter

First, we took a ride on the the Safari Express with its Halloween makeover to ease ourselves into the shenanigans. Half term and Indian summer weather meant it was VERY busy, so we decided to avoid the long queues and head for the open play areas. Our kids were more than happy to run free and embrace the super slides .

A spooky Halloween at Crealy for the #DevonBloggersSquad exploring exeter

The Creaky Hotel

Next, we decided to brave the Creaky Hotel. Being a slightly alternative family, our kids are mostly pretty unfazed by the scary and spook. Since their arrivals, we’ve embraced Halloween with gusto and our daughter has developed a huge passion for Tim Burton. We were briefed before we entered and assured that nothing will ‘get us’.

On entering we met Cookie, the hotel chef, who delighted us with horror stories and recipes which would only be palatable for the undead. Biggest is in her element, but I am soon scooping up the not-so-sure four year old (a cuddle with Mummy makes everything feel OK).

The hotel goes on room by room with utterly enthralling and equally terrifying surprises. There was one moment which literally had me scream my lungs out with sheer fright! – I think I might have a few more grey hairs.

It was incredibly impressive and well executed (excuse the death pun) to Disneyesque proportions. The Creaky Hotel was definitely highlight of my day, although from their slightly ashen – even with face paint – faces I’m not sure the kids were so sure. But being scared is all part of the fun!

The Tree House Trolls

We hit up more rides, visited the soft play and after a spot of lunch decide to take a trip to visit the Tree house Trolls.  The kids were particularly keen as they know those naughty trolls will cross their palms with treasure (in the form of large super sugary delicious lollies). We met Beetlejuice en route (who has us as awestruck as the kids).  We then entered the wilderness taking a troll briefing from two very tricky and talented trolls, before embarking on our mission to find Tilly. We fond Snot first and carried on with our search until we fond a treehouse and in it Tilly. A cheeky funny Troll who the kids thought was hilarious. After some lessons in troll speak – whichour kids who talk in poo/wee language thought was brilliant. They are thrilled with their sticky sugar fix treat and we go in search of more fun.

A spooky Halloween at Crealy for the #DevonBloggersSquad exploring exeter


More rides and soft play ( including both mummy and daddy ending up with soggy bottoms). Then we headed to Animal Kingdom where we were serenaded by some ‘magical ‘pumpkins, fell in love with the piglets and had our last thrill fix in Atlantis. We ended the day pumpkin carving some astronomically large pumpkins expertly chosen by our little people. Who coincidently, are far too little to carry said pumpkins and it was left to us to heave them back to our family wagon. Well the bingo wings aren’t so wobbly now! Still high on sugar and the terrifying thrills of the day we head home with happy half term memories of our spooky spectacular day at Crealy .

If you fancy a day out at Crealy, head over to their site to plan your day


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Disclaimer: We received free passes for the day but all opinion is OURS!!

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