Trick or treat ideas: El Dia de Los Muertos at Chococo for Halloween

We love Chococo and with Halloween just around the corner we will be popping in to pick up some treats!

This year Chococo have excelled themselves. Inspired by the Mexican celebration of El Dia de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). The team has created a range of stunning handcrafted chocolate skulls decorated with naturally coloured white chocolate patterns. They are the perfect treat for the trick or treaters who make a real effort.  

El Dia de Los Muertos is a celebration where families meet to remember the lives of the departed. To celebrate in Mexico they use highly decorated calaveras (skulls) traditionally made out of sugar.


I want to eat them ALL!

Chococo are purveyors of AMAZING chocolate and the best hot chocolate in town.

Chococo uses fine origin chocolate from Madagascar (milk chocolate 65% cocoa, dark chocolate 67% cocoa and 85% cocoa), Venezuela (milk chocolate 43% cocoa) and Colombia (white chocolate).

Chococo has always been a firm believer in working with fine chocolate high in cocoa solids and low in sugar, using local seasonal ingredients and no additives or preservatives.

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