YO! Sushi mini ninja School

On Tuesday the kids were invited to try the YO! Sushi mini ninja school in Princesshay.  

If you follow any of my social channels, you will know that I’m a huge fan. So the thought of the kids learning all the skills to prepare and serve me perfectly rolled sushi made it a dead cert.

We arrived on time at 11am and we were introduced to our teacher for the session, Lukas. He started by asking everyone to wash their hands and then brought out some ingredients to taste. Including; edamame beans, Tamago (sweet omelette) and Inari Age (sweet seasoned deep-fried tofu) – three of my vegetarian favs! Plus some extremely fresh salmon (according to Lukas all their salmon is line caught and eaten within seventy two hours).

Next, a lesson in how to use chopsticks..

During which smallest had a good taste of the salmon dipped in soy and wasabi. Then Lukas told us about ginger and it’s use in Japan as a palate cleanser (I never knew that).

Tasting the sushi nori (flattened seaweed wrap) was a winner, dude was especially fond of it.

But they both loved the sticky rice.

They got to make three kinds of sushi during the session (you will notice a theme in their choice of additional ingredients).

And Lukas showed them how to deftly roll them.

Just look at these perfect cucumber Makis!

They were taught how to make nigiri, with a salmon topping (mine wanted cucumber, seeing a pattern?)

And lastly they made Temaki (with cucumber obviously)

After we had some lunch Lukas invited us over to watch him at work training a new member of staff.

The kids got to take home the sushi they made and they received a goodie bag with instructions for making sushi and we were told we should have received a certificate (but they didn’t have any in store so could we pop back and get one).

They had an awesome time!

We would definitely recommend sushi school, I think smallest might be a bit little too small (she concentrated for about 40 minutes). So I would recommend it for children aged seven upwards.  

The sessions are one hour long (a good length for small people) and £15 per child, if you are interested you can sign up here.

I think I might even try the adult sushi school one day, which is £30 per person or £50 for two, making it a great thing to do with a friend!


*Disclaimer, we received free sushi sessions in exchange for a write up


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