The Glorious Art House

I’ve passed this arts cafe a few times since moving to Exeter and I thought it looked lush.

I’d stare at the facade and in through the window, wide-eyed, admiring it’s cool, quirky deco and theme. Today (finally) before my creative writing class I popped into The Glorious Art House for an almond milk latte and my visit was delightful (and not in a pretentious overpriced way).


Even the tea cups are beautiful

The Art House Cafe is bright, passionate and beautifully decorated.  With a clear Mexican / South American influence, it’s wonder spans three floors with seating on the first two floors and an art gallery on the third.

I felt like I had stumbled into an Isabel Allende novel and that Frida Kahlo would walk down the stairs at any minute.


Life drawing on the third floor.

On the landing of the second floor is a reading nook! I found that so exciting I am going to write it again.. It has a reading nook, just look….


The second floor seated area is like  a sitting room, complete with bay window, fresh flowers, fabulous wall hangings and furniture in different styles.  Couldn’t you just see yourself chilling with a coffee and some reading material for a few hours?


seating on the second floor.

The owner and/or designer clearly paid a lot of attention to detail and one of my personal favourite detail was the seat covers, and here’s where I placed my bottom for you to admire, on the lady herself.


The seat cover featuring Frida Kahlo that I rested my bottom on.

Overall, the staff were lovely and attentive, the drink offering was well presented and reasonably priced, the decor is stunning and the clientele are friendly.  It’s definitely worth a visit to Fore Street for.

We have found some lovely places to go in and around the city, so much so I have been inspired to write this blog.

Have you got any recommendations for me you’d like to share?

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