The Exploring Exeter running chronicles. Part one, the search for the perfect spot to paddle.

Recently I blogged about what a rubbish runner I am, after posting it, I received lots of positive tweets and Facebook messages, this spurred me on to get running again. And when I did, I remembered how much I liked it.

So I want to start this blog by thanking everyone for the positivity!

This morning I started out with my fellow school mums running down towards Countess Wear from Topsham Road.  After 1.5km I dropped off and went on a little adventure of my own and I took lots of pictures that I wanted to share with you.

My first stop was along the river route back from Double Locks, I took a peek through some trees and saw a heron and some other birds in the water so I stopped for a few minutes, it was pretty stunning!

After sitting and taking in the Autumnal sunshine, I remembered a kooky wooden entrance to a place called Leaf Land so I headed there to explore some more.


I wandered past the sign and in through a wooded area following the sound of the water.

Occasionally I walk my neighbours dog down Salmon Pool Lane and onto the river paths. There is a green space next to Duckes Meadow where I sometimes sit on a bench and gaze out at the weir. One day I was doing just that and I saw some kids paddling and playing on the other side of the river.  I could not work out how they got there – until today that is.

I reached the river and headed down some rocks and found my spot, perfect for paddling, sitting, thinking and letting the world pass you by.


I feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful place, Happy Autumn Equinox everyone!

I am running down dementia to raise money for alzheimers research.  If you fancy supporting the cause – without getting sweaty – feel free to sponsor me!

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