Summer Holiday fatigue setting in? Here are 3 things that it’s OK to do in the last few weeks of the school holidays.

Summer holidays.

The first few weeks are spent in rapturous wonder.  There are no morning screaming matches over tooth brushing, who has eaten the last Rice Crispies or where the dirty school shoes are hiding. Sunny days are spent on the beach and wherever else you fancy, there are endless days out at places there the kids can be easily entertained and visits from friends and relatives.

But as the holidays are drawing to a close and we are all getting on each others nerves. I often find myself standing in the kitchen staring at the family planner counting down the days like an advent calendar. Willing those lovely LONG holidays to end so that I can get some normality back into my life.

I’m a freelancer, so I’m Mummy daycare in the day and working my butt off in the evening. Don’t get me wrong, we have an awesome time together and I love my babies but I am TIRED. Here three things that I have recently decided it is actually OK to do when you’re tired and ready to become an adult again at the end of the summer holidays..

1. It’s OK NOT to go out!

Have a PJ day (or two). Last week we spent two weekends away and three days out on the trot.  On the 10th day we had an accidental PJ day where we sat around all day watching movies, playing Cloudy with a chance of meatballs (which is actually quite good) on the XBox, hanging out with dollies, building Lego tarantulas and anything else we fancied. The day flew by and we felt rather rested after.

2. It’s OK to eat freezer food, pasta and sandwiches for tea.

Take a break from those healthy balanced meals that take a million hours to prepare and a million hours to convince them to eat. Relax, whip out the fish fingers, chips and peas and go easy on yourself for a bit. Mums shop in Iceland for a reason.

3. It’s OK to let people help you.

Say yes when friends or relatives offer to take the kids for a few hours.  If they aren’t offering, give them a call and suggest it (they may not fully appreciate your desperation until you spell it out).

Hope you find these useful or at the very least they ease your parental guilt!

Not long to go now people.. YOU CAN DO IT.

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