Stories at the End of the World

Despite being written in 2013, this play feels very relevant with its mentions of tsunamis, global pandemics, terror alerts, and erupting volcanoes. However, at its heart is a love story; not a traditional one but an exploration of a friendship through a lifetime.

The mixture of storytelling, scientific facts, and flashbacks work well to delve into the history of the world and the friendship. Told from the perspective of the lead character, we are taken on a journey using just a stool as the perfect prop for all parts of the story. The main, often negative, voice has been beaten down with an informed obsession of the disasters that may end the world. Yet, it is interjected with a more positive and upbeat voice of a friend through the stories told.

What is the worst that can happen? Maybe more importantly, how do you cope when the worst does happen?

Written by Corrine Furness, ‘stories at the end of the world’ is an innovative coming of age story that definitely tackles big, important issues but is also very entertaining to watch.

Yet To Be
Yet To Be are a theatre company based in Exeter in the South West of England. Yet To Be make thought-provoking, new and original performance work. Their passion is making shows that are vital for their audiences, that ignite curiosity, provoke discussion and that challenge whilst entertain

Yet To Be were formed in 2021 bringing together Charlie Whitworth of Write By Numbers/ Eager Spark and Marina O’Shea of O’Shea & O’Gaukroger / O&O Physical Theatre Ensemble.

Exeter Fringe Festival
Exeter Fringe Festival held an inaugural festival of performances by local artists and shows from further afield in summer 2019. The festival, which aims to provide a regular celebration of Exeter’s vibrant theatre ecology was founded by Elaine Faulkner and Alex Jackson who met when they worked together at The Bike Shed Theatre. The 2019 festival was attended by over 1000 people. The 2021 festival took place this October, entertaining audiences and supporting local theatre makers in person.

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