Review: Firezza on Sidwell Street, home of ‘proper pizza’ 

My father-in-law comes from Napoli and with lots of family visits under our belt, we like to think that we are connoisseurs of proper Italian pizza. So when Firezza offered us a taste of their Neapolitan pizza we were more than up for it.

Firezza first opened in Battersea in 2001 after:

 “Our founder Edin took a little trip to Italy and discovered how you make proper pizza. Its simple really, combine people who care, great ingredients and fire, then sell it by the metre for a great price.”

Since then Firezza have been going from strength to strength working toward national domination with shops popping up all over the country.

With a tagline like ‘demand proper pizza‘ and toppings including; pancetta, porcini mushrooms, Cajun-spiced chicken, taleggio, Sicilian sausage, buffalo salami, tartufata paste, gourmet black olives, fresh field mushrooms, artichoke hearts, gran milano on the menu, we expected good pizza..

We ordered a 1/4 metre Verde Ortolana (artichoke hearts, fresh field mushroom, roasted aubergines, courgettes and sweet peppers, fresh basil, tomato and mozzarella) for me…

And 1/2 metre ‘create your own’ with black olives and pepperoni for the meat eaters.

Plus breaded chicken and wild rocket salad on the side.

I was very tempted by the desserts, especially the salted caramel gelato. But after a week of super healthy eating it seemed a step too far!

Firezza delivered our pizzas on time and warm. The pizzas are woodfired, I was particularly in awe of the dough, which is hand rolled, charred in all the right places and delicious. The kids weren’t fans of the chicken as it was a little too spicy for their taste. The rocket salad with parmesan and sundried tomatoes was lovely but could have included dressing. We did order way too much pizza, 1/2 a metre would have been just right (it’s massive!)

Neapolitan pizzas are traditionally simple and plain with little or no toppings but I like a full on taste experience, the Verde Ortolana was lovely, I felt it could be enhanced with the inclusion of olives.

We loved our proper pizza experience and we will definitely be ordering again.

For people with special dietary requirements, Firezza also make Gluten free and vegan pizzas.

If you want to try if for yourself  Firezza is offering 25% off any pizza online using the code 25OFF from now until March 5th! See their site for Ts &Cs.

Disclaimer: I wrote this blog after receiving free pizza from Firezza, all opinion is totally mine.

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