On the wishlist: A wood burning stove from Dean Forge (as seen at Piper's Farm)

On Wednesday evening I was invited to Piper’s Farm with some of Exeter’s finest food writers to hear about – and taste the food cooked on – one of Dean Forge‘s wood burning stoves.

It was a perfect pairing of homegrown businesses. Dean Forge are a family owned and with forty years of experience under their belt they are “one of the largest, long established independent manufacturer, suppliers and installers of Woodburning and Multi-fuel stoves in Devon”. Selling a variety of stoves in their showrooms and they also make their own range of wood burning stoves which are manufactured at Dean Forge in Devon.

Piper’s Farm are an established family owned organic farm near Cullompton with a very strong ethos:

“Our philosophy is to grow healthy animals with a strong natural immunity. We grow contented animals slowly, in small groups, with minimum stress… We believe this is the best way to produce meat which is wholesome and healthy.

Like generations of families before us, we are working in harmony with the natural landscape around us.. We passionately believe in the “common sense” of traditional, sustainable values which have been handed down through generations of family farms.”

This is Peter from Piper’s Farm, he is passionate about the farm, the animals and the business. Previously I have been on a preschool farm tour with him, it’s fascinating to hear him talk about ‘real’ farming, his passion is contagious.

Dean Forge fitted this stove in at Piper’s Farm for their events in their new dining space.

Pies and roast chicken were cooked in the wood burning stove. The stoves have an integral oven above the fire box using the heat from the fire to cook, bake, or warm delicious food.

I think the stove would be a great addition to a living room, I love the idea of keeping warm whilst simultaneously watching my dinner cook!

Meat & vegetables were cooked on the fire pit outside and I was privileged to receive some BBQ tips from Marcus Bawdon of Country Wood Smoke & photography tips from local food photographer Nick Hook from #DevonFoodHour.

I have been a vegetarian for nearly two years now, but recently I have been toying with the idea of eating responsibly sourced meat on the odd occasion and I couldn’t resist tasting the pancetta that was brought round (I blame it on meat convert Marcus). It was delicious, salty charred heaven, melt in the mouth and cooked to perfection.

The table was laid for us all, Piper’s Farm have recently built their dining space, it is lovely and warm (thanks to the stove) and there was plenty of room for all of us to sit and eat comfortably.

I had a feta, spinach and squash pie baked in the oven with very tender leek cooked on the BBQ pit.

It was a lovely night and it was great to catch up with some of my fellow bloggers & compadres from Devon Life and Exeter Life.

I can’t say I enjoyed the drive though- why are there no lights on the roads in Devon?!

If you, like me are dubious about the way the meat you buy from the supermarket is reared and handled, I would highly recommend a trip to Piper’s Farm to learn about real farming. We’ll be going along to one of their Beyond the hedgerow dinner and tour days very soon.

And if you’re interested in getting yourself a wood burner or wood burning stove pop along to Dean Forge’s showroom in Marsh Barton, Exeter.. Shop local!

Do you have a wood burning stove, would you recommend one? – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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