Moving House? Here’s some tips on making packing fun..

Moving.  Apparently it’s one of the most stressful things in life (after divorce and bereavement).

As you know, we moved very recently and I can confirm that it is pretty shit.  With this in mind I have put together some handy tips to help you make packing to move home more fun:

Party like a rockstar and hold a packing party – get your mates involved, packing doesn’t need to be reserved for the family, get some drinks, a takeaway and turn it into a fun night in (in my experience the more you ply them with drink, the more they do).

Failing that, drink on your own – When the kids are in bed, whip out a bottle of your favourite and drink your way through the packing.  Time will fly by but do try not to get too distracted and emotional when you’re packing the family photo albums.

Make a kick-ass playlist – everyone loves a good playlist you probably have a playlist for running, a playlist for loving and a playlist for partying, yes? Then why not create a packing playlist to make you smile and help motivate you, here are some suggestions for moving related songs:

Turn it into a game and make the kids do it – Wrap the parcel, pass the parcel, put the parcel in a box, hide the toys in the boxes, hide the boxes in the cupboard, hide in the cat in a box.. so many opportunities to get completely distracted!

Failing all of the above pay someone to do it for you! We used Mike and his brilliant team at Van Man Removals Exeter, who were very polite, efficient, professional and punctual.


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