‘Lucy and the lost ones’ (Quirk Theatre) review

Just before Christmas, Stephanie went to see Quirk Theatre’s ‘Lucy and the lost ones’ at Exeter Phoenix..


The Thursday before Christmas, I ventured into town with my biggest girl and one of her best friends. Brave, you might think with it being; a) school holidays, b) five days before Christmas and c) the last late night shopping day before Christmas!

But thankfully we were not in town for shopping, we were in town for theatre (although we did sneak a trip into Chococo or ‘The Chocolate Cafe’ as it’s known in our house).   If you haven’t been, I’d recommend popping by for an awesome hot chocolate. But enough of that, I want to tell you about our fab trip to Exeter Phoenix to watch Lucy and the Lost ones by Quirk Theatre.

Reading the blurb on the Phoenix website, I was very excited:

Lucy has always wanted to be a scientist. The kind of scientist that looks at the stars and has loads of really cool gadgets. Lucy already has a telescope of her own. She even has her own observatory (garden shed), and last Christmas she asked for a radio receiver (and a signed poster of Brian cox).

Every night, Lucy comes out to look at the stars and listen to the universe. And not very much happens… until one starry night, she hears something.

Something from outer space.

Having a 5 year old who is most definitely going to be a “Space Lady” when she grows up. Who can tell you so many facts about the different planets, and watches Youtube videos about the international space station ALL the time… I knew that this play was definitely for us!

Quirk theatre did not disappoint, my girl and her friend were in awe from the moment we walked into the theatre with the beautifully lit ‘planets’ that set the stage to the very last moment as they waved goodbye.

'Lucy and the lost ones' (Quirk Theatre) review. Exploring Exeter

The play has 6 characters, expertly played by 3 actors. Marie Kelsall plays the slightly quirky Lucy amazingly well and totally believable as a young school girl who loves space. So well in fact that my girl wants to know when she can play with Lucy again.

The scenes are dispersed with smatters of audience participation, that made the show even more enjoyable, look out for the opportunity to learn the ‘Pinkypop’ move!

Plap and Steve, the two aliens are fun and engaging and there are some great gags thrown in just for the adults. All of us experienced moments of real belly laughter.

The Space Border Patrol (SBP), are essentially the bad guys in this fun, heartwarming story, but even they have you laughing, and full of empathy. There is also a ridiculously cute cast member that appears half way through, though I won’t spoil the surprise.

My favourite moment of the show, and probably one of the most important moments, is a very poignant scene near the end of the show, where Lucy asks Baz ‘What are you afraid of?’and encourages the head of the SBP to hug Plap and see that he is not that different to you and I.

'Lucy and the lost ones' (Quirk Theatre) review. Exploring Exeter

In the program Katie Villa (the co writer and director) says:

And so we decided to gently explore one of the urgent issues of right now, looking at the refugee crisis through the eyes of some rather wonderful visitors from another planet. What better way to hold up a mirror to the curiosities, cultures and contradictions of our tiny, blue dot?

And that they do, in a very gentle and very beautiful way. Since watching I’ve had some great questions and conversations with my 5 year old about why we treat people differently and ‘why would you not want to help keep somebody safe?’

We will definitely go and see a Quirk Theatre production again!


About the Author: Stephanie Walker

Originally from Coventry with a slight detour via Wolverhampton and Luton, Steph moved to Exeter in January 2013. She lives in the St Thomas area of the city with her husband Chris, their 3 daughters and springer spaniel Freddie. 

A primary school teacher gone rogue, Steph currently works for Makelunch a national charity seeking to end holiday hunger for children and also runs weekly singing sessions for toddlers and their grown ups. 

Steph is passionate about building community, being honest about parenting ( in particular our birth experiences and post-natal mental health) and food! 


*Disclaimer: We received tickets to the production in exchange for a review – opinions are all honest.

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