Infinite Ways Home – Richard Chappell Dance Review

Infinite Ways Home from Richard Chappell Dance was a premiere of the company’s first mid-scale production which has been created through an Associateship with Exeter Northcott.   

The show follows six people as they go through a series of transformative experiences.  Combining old and new, this is a mesmerising piece exploring the shared experience of druidic & rave cultures’ ritualistic and profound connections. It explores home, community, and companionship.    

The oscillating and fluctuating dancers, light and sound through the space work together to explore the self and our relationship with others and our surroundings.

“I am very grateful for my collaborators’ contributions to Infinite Ways Home. Our discoveries together have fuelled our creative process and helped us grow and reignite ourselves after a challenging year. I’m extremely thankful for their trust, support and co-authorship. I see my choreographic role as a co-creator with the dancers I work with. Their trust, empathy and commitment has been hugely felt and I’m very fortunate to have their creative contributions present within the work.” Richard Chappell, Choreographer and Artistic Director

The show is highly enjoyable and takes you on an emotional journey from those moments of feeling alone and lost to emotionally and physically reconnecting with those people around you. Truly a dance piece developed and exploring our current times; whilst reflecting druidic and magical connections between humans and nature and recollecting rave’s sense of togetherness.    

Choreographer: Richard Chappell 
Composers: Larch (Matthew Allmark and Kai Hellstrom) 
Dramaturg: Neus Gil Cortes 
Rehearsal Director: Charlie Brittain
Dancers: Faye Stoeser, Kai Tomioka, Edd Arnold, Sharol Mackenzie, Tia Hockey 
Violinist: Enyuan Khong 
Lighting Designer: Joshua Harriette 

Created with funds from, The Linbury Trust, Arts Council England and Arts Council Wales and commissioned by Exeter Northcott and Swindon Dance. 

Richard Chappell Dance
Richard Chappell Dance is an internationally renowned ensemble, which creates memorable and moving dance at the forefront of theatre, interdisciplinary collaboration and site responsive performance. RCD is an Associate Company at Exeter Northcott, commissioned company at Swindon Dance and a resident company at Exeter Phoenix. 
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