In search of the ultimate veggie breakie – A review of Base + Barley Exeter

For me the ultimate veggie breakie is not in the quality of the Quorn sausages, but in the variety of the natural foods I find on my plate and how well prepared and presented they are.

Since moving to Exeter I have become a bit of a health nut. So much so, that the inside of my freezer looks like it belongs to a vegetarian serial killer – full to the brim with dead fruit and vegetables.  I have bags of everything from kale and kiwi to beetroot and ginger, all chopped and ready to be blended.

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I like things as au naturel as possible so I was pleased to be presented with a breakfast at Base + Barley that included; avocado, spinach, flat mushroom, eggs, sourdough bread and homemade baked cannellini beans.  My breakfast was well prepared, well presented and served with a smile, the fact that it wasn’t all fried with half a ton of oil was a massive bonus.


2016-03-05 10.33.18

The coffee was pretty tasty too!

There wasn’t a children’s breakfast menu as such, but the kids tucked into scrambled eggs on toast and pancakes with syrup and enjoyed colouring in their ‘crazy pizza’ sheets (which were a bit scary but apparently they are being updated).

Our family trip to Base + Barley Exeter was lovely and we were very impressed with the welcoming staff and the decor.  Apparently their soughdough pizza rivals the backyards of Napoli which is where my husband’s family hail from – we are looking forward to comparing!

Base + Barley opened in Exeter before Christmas and are rolling out restaurants across the country, look out Pizza Express!

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