Get excited about the taster menu (and the Negronis) at The Oddfellows’ Supper Club Lock-in #AD

The Oddfellows are showcasing local and seasonal fare with their new ‘Supper Club lock-ins’. Last week, I went along with my lovely friend Lauren Heath from foodie blog Dining Devon to sample the menu – *spoiler alert: It was pretty epic… read on.

I love a taster menu. It’s a treat to try lots of different delicious foods in one sitting and having been in lockdown for what feels like ever; I was very excited to go ‘out, out’. The owners, Faye and Yvan Williams say that the supper club lock-in is:

It’s our new way for you to enjoy our award winning  food and drink in a safe and Covid secure environment.

And they have thought of everything; staggered arrivals, socially distanced tables, full table service, all seated guests (the doors close after 8 pm). The courses are all prepared at the same time and distributed “in waves” – a brilliant way of doing it – with all tables receiving the same course at the same time. With the inclusion of a cocktail aperitif menu, fantastic wines, beers and gin (of course) from local merchants, the menus carried the perfect ingredients for a good night out. 

We started the evening my favourite way; with a Salcombe gin and tonic and we perused the menu. More about the booze soon (I got a bit excited) let’s talk food. I am mostly vegetarian (mostly, meaning I can be tempted to try responsibly sourced meat when I’m eating out). The Oddfellows vegetarian offering was very enticing.

The amuse-bouche of rich Onion broth, with caramelised onion and foraged mustard cress, opened the show. It was a delicious shot of sweetness that tantalised my tastebuds – the perfect prologue to a gastro adventure.

The amuse-bouche of rich Onion broth, with caramelised onion and foraged mustard cress, Exploring Exeter 2020

Next on the menu was Creamed leeks with Devon blue and toasted oats. I have to admit, the inclusion of oats intrigued me, they took the contrast in texture up a notch from a standard breadcrumbed topping. I love leek and blue cheese, and I found this course very more-ish, I savoured every mouthful.

Creamed leeks with Devon blue and toasted oats. Exploring Exeter 2020

Does anyone else get excited by pea shoots? I have this theory that people who don’t like peas can’t be trusted—the pea: A humble yet incredibly versatile vegetable, that ought to be revered. I feel very similarly about courgettes; so the Courgette fritters, pea, mint salad was the right choice for the next course. The perky pea sauce was refreshing after the creamy decadence of the blue cheese and leek. Again, the contrast in texture; crispy/moist complimented each other perfectly.

Courgette fritters, pea, mint salad. Exploring Exeter 2020

At this stage it would have been rude not to try something from the cocktail aperitif menu, I wanted fizz, so I opted for the French 75 – Salcombe gin (of course), juice and fizz.

I was very interested in my next course of Whipped ricotta, radishes, hazelnuts and dill emulsion. When I read the description on the menu, I found it strange that it lacked a centre-piece (so-to-speak). But when the dish arrived I was impressed firstly by the presentation – it looked interesting; colourful and sumptuous like a dessert. It looked exciting and t it tasted divine- the hazelnuts and chia seeds perfecting the dish.

Meanwhile, Lauren was enjoying her Beef cheek, celeriac dauphinoise, carrot and I witnessed the beef fall apart as she pressed it with her fork – delicious.

Whipped ricotta, radishes, hazelnuts and dill emulsion. Exploring Exeter 2020

On to a palate cleanser with a twist, the Scrumpy & blackberry sorbet was light and refreshing, melting in the mouth.

Scrumpy & blackberry sorbet Exploring Exeter 2020

I have to admit I was slightly tipsy by the final plate (that’s what happens when you don’t get out for ages, and eventually get to set the world right with one of your favs)- it helps that Faye was very attentive and made sure our glasses were never empty.

I am a lover of the Custard tart and this one a tasty one, the poached plums were the perfect match, ending the meal in glorious, light-hearted simplicity.

Custard tart and poached plums

We had a few drinks that night, and when I asked Faye what she recommended for a nightcap, I was expecting her to suggest some Irish coffee, but her recommendation was a Negroni. With Tarquin’s Seadog Navy Strength Gin, Antica Formula and Campari, it is a creation for an iron constitution (lucky I had my sea legs on – my Grandad was a sailor, it’s in the blood).

Negroni: Initially, it’s a bit like walking into a glass wall – you don’t know what’s coming and when it hits, you see stars. But, as the ice melts, it’s a rather intoxicating blend (I did have a stonking hangover the next day though).

The supper club lock-in menu gets our seal of approval. The evening was meticulously planned and managed, making the restaurant a safe and welcoming environment.


A six-course foodie taster menu
Cost £35 pp
Available on Friday and Saturday night only
The menu changes weekly so do check the website
You must prebook
Maximum 6 people
for more details and to book:

Disclaimer: We were invited to dine for free; all opinions are honest. I drunk all the Negroni.

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