Escape the rubbish weather and visit the circus with Cirque Beserk! At Exeter Northcott

Britain’s biggest and boldest theatre circus spectacular is coming to Exeter Northcott Theatre from March 3rd to 8th. Cirque Beserk! boasts a plethora of acrobats, aerialists, stuntmen, motorbikes, sword throwers and much more.

Combining contemporary cirque-style artistry with adrenaline-fuelled stunt action, the talented international troupe includes over thirty jugglers, acrobats, aerialists, dancers and daredevil stuntmen showcasing the finest in traditional circus thrills and skills.

The large and diverse cast produce a remarkable spectacle of old school circus acrobatics and hair-raising stunts – including a giant fire-breathing robot. The Lucius Team will perform the legendary motorcycle spectacular Globe of Death, live on stage for the first time in the UK, reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour. This means four leather-clad guys on souped-up motorbikes riding round a cylindrical metal cage, criss-crossing each other at high speed like hornets in a jar.

Cirque Beserk motorbike globe ©Piet Hein-Out Exploring Exeter 2020

©Piet Hein-Out

The diminutive star of Ringling Brothers Circus, Paulo Dos Santos, combines high-speed tumbling, daring acrobatics and humour. The 3ft 11inch comic is Brazilian champion in capoeira – the martial art that combines dance, acrobatics, and music.

Cirque Berserk! favourites the Timbuktu Tumblers take acrobatic art from the streets of Africa to a whole new level with an incredible display of human pyramids; diving through hoops and over flaming limbo poles.

Added to this is Elberel, a remarkable archer who can shoot an arrow with perfect aim – with her feet while performing a handstand.

New for 2020 is a group of multi-talented Mongolian circus superstars, the Khadgaa Troupe, who entertain with their high-speed, high-energy acrobatic agility.

Cirque Beserk Mongolian troupe ©Piet Hein-Out Exploring Exeter 2020

©Piet Hein-Out

Also making their debut this year is Duo Garcia – Pablo and Vicky from Spain and Ireland

Will perform daredevil aerial stunts high above the stage.

Other first-timers include Viktor and Yuliya, the Ukrainian stars of the Moscow State Circus bring a truly unique unicycling act.

Cirque Beserk  ©Piet Hein-Out Exploring Exeter 2020

Performers play exuberantly to family audiences, promising a constant whirlwind of surprises and thrills as well as more sensitive moments that are equally as captivating.

Martin Burton, Cirque Berserk founder and producer, describes himself as the archetypal “ran away and joined the circus” guy” who is now assembling talent from around the globe. A drama teacher who fell into clowning in the 1970s, he first founded Zippos Circus before creating the acclaimed theatrical production and now scours the world for talent.

“I spend a lot of my time travelling, searching for performers like these”, he said.

‘” They’re the best in the business. It’s hard work, but it’s a dream job. It’s a lovely, amazing show. The performers are super-human, they often do two shows a day and then, when they’re not performing, you’ll find them training.

“What the Cirque Berserk team have created together is real circus made for theatre,” says Martin. “It’s put together in a very contemporary, very 21st-century way. The lighting, music, the costumes are entirely different from what you’re used to.”

Cirque Beserk! is at Exeter Northcott from Tue 3rd – Sun 8th March 2020


Tue – Fri 7.30pm
Saturday 2pm, 5pm & 8pm
Sunday 3pm





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