Art Week Exeter, the AWEsome Art Fair

It’s art week in Exeter 13–21 May and Stuart Crewes (Creative Director) and his team have worked very hard to paint the city with art. I was invited along to a condensed show at the AWEsome Art Fair in South Street yesterday and here are some of my highlights.

Impression side canal 1, By Robert Pickering


I love the depth of this piece and the contrast of the solid black frame, bleeding into the buildings that gradually open up to light and colour.

David Bowie, by Laura Henning


The cynic in me says that if you want to sell art, picking a recently deceased icon as a subject is a great idea. Afterall, who wouldn’t want a portrait of Bowie on their wall? But seriously, I love the colours of this piece, bold and beautiful, capturing Bowie’s multi-faceted, colourful recreations of himself.

Exeter Civic Centre Structural Cladding Unit, by Adam Garratt


Beautiful in its ugly simplicity and form, this image could have come from a building in central Croydon who (like Exeter) has it’s share of post war monstrosities. If like me, Brutalist Architecture floats your boat, you can find more of Adam Garratt’s ‘Brutal Pattern’ work on display at Oddfellows.

A love of small details, by Ben Yates


As you can see by the card this was a tiny piece that really sung to me, a montage of teeny images, it reminds me of the collages that my brother used to make our family as birthday presents.

Statue of taking liberties, by Sissy Lange


I love the bright colours and the African influence, merging with the cityscape – it’s like ‘Day of the Triffids’ on hallucenagens.

Dark Day, by Simon Hopkinson


This also reminded me a bit of my hometown! In contrast to the last piece, I like the bleakness, the murky colours juxtaposed with the electric blue of the graffiti on the bench.

Last but not least my Exeter fav’s were at the event with their new Gin and Tonic chocolates, Chococo! Liv (pictured) is also from Croydon and the other lady was from Streatham – Saaauf London was well and truly in the house.


To find out more about what is happening in Exeter during Art week, check out my 7 ‘don’t miss’ events.


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