Adventure books for inspiration

I thought I would share a few of my adventure reads for this year in case you need some inspiration.

Dartmoor 365, by John Haywood:
We are planning to work our way through #Dartmoor365 as a family. This book divides Dartmoor into (you guessed it) 365 squares and has things to do, history and stories for each square. There’s a bit of a geeky group on Facebook (if you’re interested and need some inspo).

Wild Woman Swimming, by Lynne Roper:
As I said in recent posts, I am embarking on a wild swim once a week this year. This book is a diary of swims in the West Country; celebrating Dartmoor, the Devon coast, and the deep friendships that grow from shared time in nature – all of which resonates with me.

Saltwater in the Blood, by @easkeysurf:
Last year was the year I tried surfing! Inspired, I discovered this rare female perspective on surfing, exploring the mental skills it fosters, and the need to recognise the value of the ocean and of nature’s cycles in our lives.

Adventure Revolution, by @explorerbelinda:
We hung out with Belinda recently through some friends, her book is about this transformational power of adventure and why it is essential to our wellbeing. Belinda runs adventure sessions around the world and is a very inspiring woman.

And, last but not least, Wild Swimming Walks, by Sophie Pierce and Matt Newbury:
This is my bible for my adventures with friends @kazlouherb and I kicked it off last week with a walk and a swim (check the grid to see the pics). I’m planning on doing as many as I can this year ❤️